Not only is attacking someone, but scouting is also considered an act of war. As a result, if you do that with any ally or NAP alliance member, you will be reprimanded. Repeated offenses will mean getting kicked out of the alliance.

Sister Alliances are actually alliances that belong to us. They could be a farm alliance to organize our farm accounts, or a training alliance to train new members to join the big boys should we get powerful enough, and so on.

Sister Alliances

  • (FTW#) Something Clever - This is our Farm Alliance.


These are alliances we are in active allies with.

  • 3LG
  • OKN
  • kcco


These are alliances we have active non-aggression pacts with.

  • w%r
  • wDH
  • %6f
  • LPTx