This is a list of members and what rank they fall under. Only those of Rank 4 and higher are added automatically, all others must request being added.

- If you wish to have a member page here, please let Lucca Luca know, and she will gladly assist!

Rank 5 - Boss

The leader is the one that owns and operates the alliance. Their word is law, and what they say goes. A wise leader however listens to feedback, and to their members needs. We have a wise and mighty leader, yay!

Rank 4 - Underbosses

The underbosses are the right and left hands and feet of the leader. If they make a ruling, only the leader can override it. If they say no, please listen to them as they are saying it for a reason, not just to be mean. If you ask why, they will gladly explain the reasoning behind it. These individuals will provide newbie help, assist with needed resources, and help provide growth advice.

Rank 3 - Caporegime

These are individuals that assist newbies proactively, always there to help and participate in events, provide good advice, and may even help organize rallies, actively protect alliance members, to even avenge them in an organized manner.

Rank 2 - Soldiers

These are individuals that have begun to increase in power, are active in chat, and help out fellow alliance members.

  • TBA...

Rank 1 - Associates

These are general individuals that have joined the ranks of our alliance recently and have relatively low power. They are not particularly active in the alliance, but occasionally participate.

Creating Character Pages

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