With allies and NAPs, there are also rivals. These are individuals or alliances that have purposely caused us trouble, and we are not only keeping an eye on them, but have reason for revenge.

  • Alliance: (m:$)
    • Hive Location: 695:441:701
    • Known Members to Attack us: piqlis & Darthgabtiel

This alliance has not only hit us hard, but we have hit them back. They built up hard and fast after we hit them back, and there is a high chance they will hit us again. Keep an eye out for them.

  • Alliance (:R@) RoyalAce
    • Hive Location: ?
    • Known Members to Attack us: Empire.148905917
      • Information as of 8/24/2015 below:
Member Name: Empire.148905917
Location: 695:392:854
SH Level: 21
Power: 103,004,192
Kills: 168,576
Targeted: Alienville, Xx Oh Xx
Pattern: Regularly hits individuals numerous levels below his own.
  • Alliance Unknown, suspected to have dropped his alliance tag prior to hitting us.
    • Hive Location: N/A
    • Known Members to Attack us: bossofkilos
      • Information as of 8/26/15
 Member Name: bossofkilos
 SH Level: 18
 Targeted: darch and others
 Pattern: Tile hitting us when it is not a kill event.

- If you have any additional information about any of our rivals, please make sure to pass them to Lucca Luca and MacGyver69. Thank you.