Help Alliances in GOW are to help you complete Inferno's with minimum use of speed ups.

You join a Help Alliance before the start of the Inferno and you leave once its complete and return to your normal alliance. They have some program that will auto fill all your helps. Each alliance has it own rules so make sure you are aware of what they are so you are not kicked out or banned.

disclaimer- By joining a help alliance to complete Infernos does not give credit to your alliance in the case of when both have the same qualifications.

List of Help AlliancesEdit

Alliance Minimum Power Coordinates
aKh 400 Million 8:10:1014
tuG 200 Million 264:395:533
tuL 200 Million 264:394:534
87H 100 Million 8:8:888
94H 10 Million 450:247:471
24* Japanese Help 176:170:532
78H None listed 8:9:10
hP None listed 398:25:25
hXX None listed 40:320:424