So, you want more responsibility in the alliance and you want to know how do you get promoted? Actually, it is easy!

1. Don't ask. Actions speak louder than words, it is true.

2. Build up your hero and stronghold! Do it wisely, making sure you do as much research possible.

3. Communicate on chat, help newbies, donate resources to those that need it, and assist with monster kills. Basically, help other members learn and grow.

4. Participate in events (such as the alliance events) or even battles in defending the hive, or avenging it.

5. Play smart, protect yourself with a shield or rally.

5. Read E-Mails and follow directions.

6. Obey the rules set forth by the kingdom and your alliance.

In conclusion, by contributing to the alliance, building up your power, and acting in a responsible and helpful manner you can gain the trust of others and earn a promotion.